While thumbing through People Magazine's new country music edition, I came upon the picture you see below of Kenny Chesney standing next to Tim McGraw. Except, to me, that doesn't look like Tim McGraw. Jaclyn and Roxianne the Receptionist feel the same way. The eyes are too weird.

I think the guy to the left of Kenny Chesney leading everyone us to believe he is Tim McGraw looks more like Academy Award winning actor Ben Kingsley. And that cracks me up. Kenny and Tim are due to kick off the Brothers of the Sun Tour in June. But Kenny and...Ben Kingsley? What's that gonna be like?

Kenny's over here singing "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" while Ben stands over there and recites dialogue from "Hugo" and "Gandhi?" Well, it would certainly be different. What do you think? Is that man really Tim McGraw? And, if not, who is it?