Who serves the BIGGEST pancakes in Owensboro?   Saturday, after the Color Blast 5K, Brett and I stopped by Dee's BBQ and Diner for breakfast and found the answer.  Holy cow!  You could put these things on the front-end of a Flintstone car and yabba dabba doo them down the street.  Dee's pancakes are ginormous! 

Having just run a 5K, Brett and I were HUNGRY!  So, we both ordered Dee's Rise and Shine: three eggs, two slices of bacon, two sausage links, hash browns, biscuits and gravy and two pancakes.  It sounded manageable . . . on paper . . . then this came to the table!

Holy Pancake, Batman!

Do you see those things???  They literally are larger than Frisbees.  And, for the record, there's was NO way I was able to eat all of them.   In fact, I have to admit.  I didn't even make it all the way through one of them.  And I got an assist from Jackson, the kid sitting across from me.  And even he couldn't help me polish off an entire pancake.  I think you could see those pancakes from space.  Truly.

So, if you ever wondered who serves the biggest pancakes in Owensboro, we have discovered the answer.  And a big "thanks" to Shane and Kelly Ward, who invited us to join their family for breakfast.  We had a blast, a lot of food . . . and some big honkin' pancakes!