I was driving back from Nashville Sunday evening and stopped at a little place just north of the city--but still likely in the Nashville metro--to get gas.

Actually, I'm not sure I stopped so much as my car was magically drawn to a gas station/convenience store where the fuel only cost--ready?--$3.41! Wait, I need to spell that out so I can put it in all caps for deserved emphasis...THREE DOLLARS AND FORTY-ONE CENTS!


Oh, and the clerk at the counter said, "It's a good thing you stopped. It's all the way the up to $3.49 at the next exit."

Really? Well, I had one better for him.

I said, "Really, Scott?" (His name was Scott.) "It's all the way up around $3.72, $3.74 where I live in Owensboro."

Scott got quiet.

I wondered where I could find plastic liner for my trunk so I could fill it up and bring it back for my friends and family.

Who sets these prices? Why are our gas prices SO much higher than 132 miles south of us?

Granted, I think $3.41 is too high, also. But it's thirty cents lower than what we were paying here this weekend. (I HAVE noticed that the gas prices have dropped a little since then.)

But, why?

I know there are those who will chime in with large answers involving large groups of people, big corporations, and grand conspiracies. And I wouldn't be saying that any of those people are wrong, simply because I just don't know.

But, here's the thing. If those cases were true, wouldn't everyone in the country be paying the same thing?

I don't know. And I don't care who's to blame. I just don't thing there's anything just about this and it would be nice if someone stepped up with an answer, even if I don't end up liking it.