Okay, this is me, back in early 2008, before I started the "Mass Media Meltdown".  As you may recall, several of my WBKR/WOMI colleagues participated in a weight-loss competition against a crew from the Messenger-Inquirer.  (By the way, we lo

st!)  Yet I found it funny when I typed my name into Google Images, that's the image that  came up.  Now you're probably wondering why Demi Moore's picture is featured.  It just so happens she played a character named "Erin Grant" in the 1996 stinker film  adaptation of Carl Hiaasen's novel Striptease.  Yeah, you can imagine my excitement when I learned this particular character's name.  Sure, I had seen the footage of Moore learning how to strip on various entertainment shows, but I never knew I would be connected in anyway.  I had one encounter with a underclassman I didn't particularly care for, she just had to rub it in!  I get it.  Fortunately, there is another Erin Grant out there who was not in the Razzie-winning Worst Picture of 1996.  This Erin Grant is an assistant women's basketball coach at UTA--Universtiy of Texas at Arlington, Grant previously played four years at Texas Tech and she went on to play in the WNBA for both the Seattle Storm and the Houston Comets.  Here she is, in the middle:

Ironically, I own a fleece jacket my sister recovered in her room at school and where is it from? UTA!!!   I can't make this stuff up.