It's another busy week for me! Here' s what this week looks like.

All week long, win a $25 gift certificate for Marvin's Fireworks! They are open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Celebrate Labor Day sparkly!!

Monday is Joe Lowe Day here at WBKR! Stop by until 2pm or 4pm-6pm and write your well-wishes to Joe in a scrapbook we'll be taking him!

Tuesday, I'm headed back to Pogue Chrysler to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

Wednesday, I'm at Jagoe Homes in Deer Valley. Don't forget to stop by and register for the trip to Montego Bay they are giving away!

Thursday, (my bday!!!) I will be at Marvin's  Fireworks with Holiday World tickets up for grabs!

I'll be out Friday and Monday, Momma needs a break! Don't worry thou, I'll be at the beach! And, yes, I'll take pics for y'all ;)

Have a great week!