She's been called "Minnie Pearl with a migraine." And when Kentucky's own Etta May, the Queen of Southern Sass, comes to Greenville's Felix E. Martin Jr. Hall this Thursday, November 15th, you'll be able to see for yourself.

A headliner on the "Southern Fried Chicks" tour and CMT's "CMT Comedy Stage"--the second-highest rated show in the network's history, Etta May is also a regular on the Bob & Tom Radio Show.

You may have also seen her perform on Oprah, Comic Strip Live, MTV, and as a guest on CBS Sunday Morning.

And this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you'll have a chance to win tickets to see the American Comedy Awards "Stand-Up Comic of the Year" live and in person Thursday night at the Felix E. Martin Jr. Hall in Greenville.

Don't miss it!