Tonight's the night!!  Zac Brown Band is set to rock out the The Ford Center in downtown Evansville!   Today, on The WBKR Waking  Crew, we have your FINAL chance to win tickets to the show.  And, to sweeten the pot, we have one more set of MEET 'n' GREET passes to throw in as well!  Here's how we're going to give them away.  Sometime between 6am and 9am this morning, I will ask for caller #92!  Then, I will ask that lucky caller to give us the "phrase that pays."  And, just what in the heck is the "phrase that pays, Chadwick??"  Well, honestly, it's more than a phrase . . . but here it is! 

I am feeling CHICKEN FRIED on the WBKR Waking Crew because I am KNEE DEEP down to my TOES in this contest . . . WHATEVER "IT" IS.  AS SHE'S WALKING AWAY, KEEP ME IN MIND for FREE tickets because I want to take a HIGHWAY 20 RIDE to the Ford Center in Evansville tonight to meet and greet the Zac Brown Band!!

So, there you have it!  This morning's incredibly long "phrase that pays!"  (Okay, so it's a short novel!)  Write it down, print it off, memorize it!  Whatever you have to do!  Now, stay close to the phone!  Your chance to be caller #92 is coming up!  Good luck.