I remember last year thinking how ridiculous it seemed to me for people to go shopping at midnight on Black Friday. I mean, seriously?!? Standing in line at 5:00am for hours and hours sounds like torture for me anyway, but throw me in a store at midnight... I'd hate to see how my sleepy attitude would play out.  Even thou I don't get black Friday off of work, if I did, you'd better believe I'd be hanging out with the family, watching whatever football game was on TV and enjoying my break.

This year, it seems that midnight just isn't early enough for one of the nation's largest retailers... most Macy's around the country will be opening at 8:00pm THANKSGIVING NIGHT! Sorry Mom, can't come to Thanksgiving dinner this year, gotta go save $10 off of that sweater you're getting for Christmas!

Ok, so I realize that several other retailers began this trend last year... Toys R Us, Walmart and Target to name a few, but I'm still not happy about it. What happened to Thanksgiving being about spending time with your friends and family and being "thankful"? When did it turn into, "Let's skip hanging out with Granny and go save some money on some socks!"?? Now, to each his own. I know people who actually enjoy getting out in the massive crowds, fighting with other grown-ups to get the last Bratz doll at a discounted price and standing in line for hours to save some dough.

I really feel sorry for the workers at these locations. The Holidays are a crazy, stressful time at retail stores anyway and it makes me feel sorry for them to have to work on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Maybe I just don't get into the early shopping enough. Maybe I just like relaxing with my crazy family and listening to my Mom's annual fits about my sister being late for dinner...again. (Cause, she's probably at Macy's, haha!)

Oh well, I'm sure that you crazy money-saving folks will be lined up at the doors, waiting to get in. Y'all go on ahead... I'll finish up this pie you left behind!