In case you missed the news earlier this week, the WWE made a major announcement that has made a lot of wrestling fans, including this one, very happy! The announcement that could change the way wrestling fans watch sports entertainment.

On Wednesday, the WWE held a press conference to announce the launch of their WWE Network. The new network will launch on February 24th and is subscription based. One of the cool things about the network is that it will be available on multiple platforms so you can access it wherever you are.

Wrestling fans will also enjoy the amount of content that will be on the network, with both live 24/7 content and on demand content. There will be original shows on the network and archived content, featuring some of the greatest matches from WWE, ECW, and WCW.  Subscribers will also be able to watch the Pay Per Views with the network as well.

The network is not a TV network, but an online network. Subscribers will able to log on to the network from their computer, mobile devices, and game consoles, so they won’t be without their favorite content.

While getting the newest content will be a great feature of the WWE Network, I think the most exciting part is the classic content. All of the matches that I grew up on, I can go back and re-watch and re-live those moments!

Here is the announcement from the press conference. (Warning: At one point in the video, Stone Cold Steve Austin says an expletive)