I am terrible at lip reading and it drives my friends and family crazy during those times when it wouldn't be a bad idea if I was at least DECENT at lip reading.

But, no, I can't read lips. And it's pretty comical. One time, my sister was trying to tell me something she didn't want someone nearby to hear so she mouthed it. Stupid me yelled, "What?" totally defeating the purpose.

I was going up the escalator, a few years ago, at the Opryland Hotel and a woman going down on the other one try to tell me something without saying it. Since we weren't very close, she was really opening her mouth wide so I could tell what she was saying. I couldn't. After two tries and me, once again, yelling "What?!?" she finally shouted, "YOUR FLY IS OPEN!" I doubled over. Hilarious! And she was cracking up too.

So it was fun to find this video, and others like it, that features some "bad lip reading" in the NFL. Clearly what you're hearing isn't what these people are saying--I doubt Tom Brady was even LOOKING for Fido during a game--but some clever soul attached audio to the video of what it LOOKS like they're saying and it is a riot!