I'm not warning you of the impending arrival of a Dr. Seuss character. No, it seems everybody's favorite University of Kentucky center Josh Harrellson--nickname: Jorts (for all those jeans shorts he wears)--wants to visit Owensboro. He tweeted his plans this morning.

Josh began his whirlwind Bluegrass Tour last Saturday at a Lexington barbecue joint. He wants to meet his fans. And after a stellar senior season and impressive performance in the NCAA tournament, I'm not surprised. The Big Blue Nation will likely come in droves to meet big #55. I'd like to meet him, too. It's not just that his play was so solid this season, but it's the way that it happened. He was barely used in Coach John Calipari's first season. And back in October, he got into trouble by grousing about his coach on Twitter. In fact, Coach Cal forced him to take down his account. But he didn't give up. He worked out and never stopped improving his game--quite a testament to hard work and effort.  Now he's back on Twitter and excited to get the opportunity to meet the Wildcat Faithful. I guess you can say he's "tweeting about meeting." Hmm, maybe he is a Dr. Seuss character.