If you went to Thruston Elementary School, this is going to bring back a ton of memories from hanging out at the playground and the concession stand at the baseball diamonds.  You will never guess what I found this week.  LOOK!!

Lollies!!!!!  No freaking way.  I was shopping at Towne Square Mall on Black Friday and stopped to visit my friends Kevin and Julie Trunnell, who own and operate the Trunnell's Farm Market kiosk in the mall.  They have a small "vintage" candy section and they had these!

Lollies!!!! If you went to Thruston Elementary School in the late 70's and early 80's (or any area elementary school for that matter) and you played ball or ever bought something from a playground concession stand, chances are you know exactly what a lolly is.  The best suckers ever.  One part sucker.  One part Smartie!  One part chalk!  LOL!

In fact, I remember getting a gigantic container of Lollies for Christmas one year.  My sister and I loved them and Santa brought us each and Army surplus-size jar. We ate so many I'm surprised we still have teeth.

But, yeah.  Lollies.  Who knew?  They're still around and still the best sucker ever.