Let's see, the 25th anniversary is silver. The 50th is golden. And the 75th is diamond. I guess it's up to me to name the 119th anniversary. So I'll go with "The Anniversary with the Cherry on Top."

Today is the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae. Why it was documented, I'll never know. All I require of my sundaes is that they have hot fudge and ice cream. No nuts please. Yes I'll have a cherry, and do you even have to ask about the whipped cream? Yep, when it comes to this unparalleled dessert, I keep it pretty basic. But I've seen some really weird ideas. How about a sundae whose ingredients include--but are not limited to--candied fruit and caviar and runs about $1000? In Nebraska, they're including an entree with dessert, but not like you'd think. And, hopefully, not like you'd want. And, finally, whoever the Dr. Frankenstein was that came up with that monstrosity we heard about recently out of Great Britain, it's time he closed up the lab. Mind-boggling. Anyway, happy anniversary, sundae! And, uh, hold the caviar.