Hey guys, Brandon here, m yWBKR family has gotten more than a few laughs out of my,"dating mishaps" so I thought I'd share them with you guys as well feel free to laugh with me or take these stories as friendly warning First, let me start be saying that at first I was completely against getting into online dating, but I'm usually behind a mic or board on weekends and don't get out as much as I should, so I thought what the heck give it a shot. If you are single and in the same bout here are some tips for you so maybe you can avoid my horror stories.

Tip 1: Beware of PhotoShop and dated picture also age can truly be just a number:

So I started talking to this woman who said she was 35 and her  pictures certainly allowed her to pass for 35. We talked had certainly had enough in common to go on a date, we meet for our date and well low and behold she's closer to my mom's age. Needless to say,there wasn't a second date, or much of a first one for that matter

Tip 2 Understand that divorced on a dating site could mean anything from divorced to just had a fight with hubby and looking for revenge:

This one's happened a few times! Nothing like getting a phone call from a guy you don't know, and didn't know existed, wondering why your number is in his wife's phone. that friends, is the true definition of a wake up call

Tip #3 Meet in a public place!

This is a tip that I've learned I need to follow for many reasons Not the least of which is if the date doesn't go well they don't know where you live and so when you say, "Hey this isn't going to lead to us walking down the isle their opportunities to do damage to you or property is somewhat limited! Also, if they don't know where you live you won't have to nearly call the authorities to get them to leave! Okay no I haven't had to call the authorities but I've been close!

If after reading all this,  you are still wanting to get into the wacky world of online dating then you are stronger people than me. As for me I think I'm going to take my Grandma's advice and meet a "nice church girl" oh wait, isn't there a site for that now too?