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Kentucky Bill Aims to Make Adoptable Animals the State Pets
State symbols, Kentucky has plenty of them, including a state drink, which by the way is milk. But we don't have a state pet. We do have a state mammal (grey squirrel), state bird (cardinal), state fish (Kentucky spotted bass), state butterfly (Viceroy), and even a state insect (honey bee). A n…
GED Test Will Now Be Free to Take in Kentucky
I had no idea the fee to take a GED test in Kentucky was $120. I say was because Governor Andy Beshear announced this week the fee will be removed. Adults wishing to enter the workforce will have one less obstacle to face.
Elizabethtown PD Capture "Hostile Chicken" [PHOTOS]
Okay, so I grew up in what I would consider a semi-rural area. I'm talking about just outside Hartford. Who knew it would take 30-40 years to read about a chicken being hostile at a local pharmacy. Where did this chicken come from? And why was he/she was so mad?
Kentucky vs. Louisville: By the Numbers [VIDEO]
Here we are again, that time of year when maybe our house is divided or we are solely rooting for either the Cats or the Cards. Although the Kentucky/Louisville rivalry game doesn't have an official name, it has been ranked among the top rivalries in NCAA basketball history.

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