Summer movie season is a good time to get out with the kids and have fun. I took my sister Hillary and my niece Zoey to a special screening of Despicable Me 3 and I thought I would let Zoey give you all a really quick review, watch!
Top Owensboro Hotels
Summer is upon us and here comes the in-laws for vacation! Do you need to recommend a nice hotel in the area to make their stay more comfortable? Trip Advisor ranked the Top 10 Hotels in Owensboro based on customers reviews!
A big ol' summer blockbuster has arrived and she is named Wonder Woman! Trust me, it's good. I talk about the movie, another movie, and a few TV tidbits in Episode 4.
Traverse City, Michigan Vacation
Great wineries, camping, miles of lakes with sandy beaches, golf, cherries, amazing food and loads of family fun await you when you travel North on vacation and visit Traverse City, Michigan! It just so happens to be my hometown.
Were you ever a fan of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, etc? The Archie comic books have been around since 1941, which means he's 75 years old?! The character and his friends have never really aged beyond high school. Now, Archie and the gang are coming to life in the new CW series Riverd…
I love Halloween and I love watching scary movies, even the bad ones. Love is a strong word to describe the two I watched over the weekend. I thought of something, which type of fright do you look for in a scary movie? Scares or creepiness? The first one up is without a doubt creepy, but not for the…
I think I used this phrase last week, but everything that's old is new again. I read the reviews for 'Fuller House' and they were not good. In fact many of them suggested the show is a waste of time. I say, NO! And why?
So far the TV musical revival has given us singing nuns, Peter Pan, and The Wiz, however, FOX pushed the limits of live television Sunday night with its manic and impressive production of "Grease Live!" Seriously, this was a lot of fun to watch.
"Love" for the New Courts?
My friend Craig called me early Saturday morning and said, "Hey!  How quickly can you be ready?"  I said, "For what?"  He replied, "There's a net up on one of the new outdoor courts over at Centre Court (off of Bittel Road near Shifley Park) and we can be the first people to…
Luke's CD is GOOD!
Luke Bryan plays it safe on 'Crash My Party,' his new album and the follow-up to the tremendously successful 'Tailgates and Tanlines.' With the exception of the infusion of hip-hop on two songs, there is little to differentiate the two projects.
New Travel Channel Show
Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the new show on Travel Channel, Dig Wars. I assumed it would be much like Storage Wars where participants compete to find the biggest booty of the day. As the name suggests, the nation's top treasure hunters convene on one historical area and proceed w…

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