Here's a fun Friday poll! As we gear up for the big day, does Santa Claus leave Christmas presents wrapped or unwrapped at your home?

Photo by Samuel Holt on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Holt on Unsplash

It's puzzling to me that Santa doesn't wrap presents at every home for Christmas. Are the Elves being lazy, or did Santa simply run out of time? Did he run out of paper at the North Pole?

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Santa Always Wrapped My Gifts

When I was growing up all of our presents from Santa were wrapped in special wrapping paper, so we knew that they came from the North Pole. The excitement and joy of ripping open the wrapping paper to see what Santa brought us is such a great memory. That's all I ever knew.

You see, Christmas was a big deal in the Birgy home. I didn't have much growing up, but you'd never know it on Christmas morning. My Mom always went all out, from "over' decorating the tree to "over" shopping, she always wanted each holiday to be one that I'd always remember. This is why she wrapped presents from her and my Dad in a different wrapping paper than Santa Claus and even disguised the handwriting. She just wanted to keep his spirit alive for as long as possible!

Not Everyone Gets Gifts Wrapped By Santa

So, when I moved to Kentucky and met my husband, Chris, he was shocked when I told him that Santa always wrapped our presents. Santa NEVER wrapped his presents in the Arnold home. Santa always delivered his gifts unwrapped and placed them under the tree on Christmas Eve. I couldn't wrap (no pun intended!) my mind around that concept.

My stepson was eight years old when we met in 1996, and I was excited and nervous to see how Santa would deliver his gifts for Christmas. But, guess what? They always were (insert, wink)!

Wrapped or Unwrapped?

How does Santa deliver your gifts on Christmas Eve? Take the poll below and let us know! I'm very interested to hear about your traditions.

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