One of the reasons Brantley Gilbert wanted Ashley Cooke to join him on his new single "Over When We're Sober" is because he knew his famous co-writer couldn't.

Gilbert, Brock Berryhill and Justin Wilson wrote the song with Jelly Roll during a songwriting weekend at Lee Brice's farm.

"There were a few of them, this one included, where nobody wants to see me and Jelly Roll sing together," Gilbert jokes with Taste of Country Nights.

  • "Over When We're Sober" is the newest Gilbert single from an upcoming, TBA project.
  • It's the third straight collaborative single for the "Bottoms Up" hitmaker.
  • Earlier this year, Cooke notched a Top 5 single with "Your Place."

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The mid-tempo country-rocker is about a drunken reprise of a relationship both sides know can't work. Lyrically, it doesn't hold much back.

"We’re so toxic, / But we can’t stop it / We’re supposed to be broke up / But that bed’s rocking," Gilbert sings to close the first verse. Full lyrics are below.

Wanting to make the song a duet, he began to search for the right partner and recalled playing a show with Cooke several months prior. He'd been impressed by her drive and motivation, and her 24-song Shot in the Dark album (2024). The concert was next level.

"There were fireworks on stage," he says, presumably metaphorically. "I’m proud to be on a song with her. She’s a rock star."

The only other time Gilbert released a male/female duet to country radio, it shot to No. 1. "What Happens in a Small Town" with Lindsey Ell is perhaps his biggest hit, but it also boosted her career in new ways.

Cooke is already enjoying commercial success, but as a longtime fan of Gilbert's, she couldn't turn him down.

Brantley Gilbert, Ashley Cooke, "Over When We're Sober" Lyrics:

I’m hungover / Still smell your perfume, it’s all over / Me and this bedroom and the sun rising / Finding all your goodbyes, your make up on the pillowcase / Your hair tie on the bedside, we’re so toxic / But we can’t stop it / We’re supposed to be broke up but that bed’s rocking.

It’s only over when we’re sober / We don’t believe it when we say goodbye / We always say we want some closure / Last night was just another last time / Rewind to I hate you and you hate me / ‘Til three shots of that whiskey / Turns into I miss you and you miss me / They say it’s over when it’s over / But they don’t know us / It’s only over when we’re sober.

We’re back at it / If this is love, then we’re bad at it / Your friends and my friends, they’ve all had it / There’s nothing we can do / Everybody’s moving on but me and you.

Repeat Chorus

It’s only over when we’re sober / When we’re sober.

There’s one bar in this small town and it’s Friday night / We’re both gone and the band’s playing "Closing Time" / I see you smiling at me, I see you singing along / Baby I know who you want to take you home.

Repeat Chorus

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