Kelly Clarkson routinely slays every cover she has ever attempted during the Kellyoke segment of the Kelly Clarkson Show, but she admits one song nearly killed her. During rehearsals she could not get the lyrics right and continually sang the words incorrectly over and over and over again. It was so out of character and — quite frankly, funny — that she opted to share the bloopers with her audience.

Kelly Clarkson Can't Sing Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory"

"That is the song that almost killed me," she shares in a video posted to social media. "Not even 'cause I can't sing it. I just can't read. That was 'Blaze of Glory' written for the movie Young Guns II."

"I grew up on that song," she continues. "I know that song, but in rehearsal, I messed it up like a gazillion times. Not even 'cause I wasn't hitting the notes, I just couldn't read. I just kept singing the wrong words."

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She admitted she eventually just let it go and conceded to the help of the man who sings it, Jon Bon Jovi.

Watch the video below to see just how bad Clarkson repeatedly flubbed the song. You can see her getting frustrated with herself and at one point she is in disbelief that she can't get it right. Eventually Bon Jovi comes out to give her a hand and a pep talk saying, "Come on, girlfriend."

What Is Kellyoke?

Clarkson is an artist first and foremost, so as a fun way to bring music into her talk show, the American Idol alum covers songs from all genres of music. She has taken a swing at several country songs, which has left many fans asking for a full-blown country album from the singer.

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