You won't want to miss the Firefly Festival this weekend, including tours to see dozens light up the night.

Indiana's State Insect

Did you know that Indiana had an official insect?  I had no idea.  It turns out the insect of the Hoosier state is the firefly. Which, speaking of, do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs?

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

After learning more about these fascinating insects, it turns out fireflies have a very interesting connection to the Hoosier State.  According to Historic Southern Indiana:

Did you know that Indiana's state insect was named by a famous naturalist who lived in southern Indiana? Say's Firefly was named by scientist Thomas Say who lived in New Harmony and is considered by many to be the father of American entomology.


Celebrate the Firefly with New Harmony's Firefly Festival


The Firefly Festival will take place in New Harmony Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th.  The festival will take place each day with plenty of events for the whole family.

Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash
Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash

Both days begin with family fun with firefly storytimes and themed crafts for the kids.  Each evening will also host a free Glow Dance Party complete with glow sticks.  However, the main attraction of the evenings are the firefly viewing tours.

Firefly Viewing Tours

Each evening from 8:30 until about 9:45 you can take a tram or golf cart tour to a firefly viewing area. During this tour, you will view tons of fireflies as they light up the night.

Firefly Tram Tours and golf cart tours to the best firefly viewing area – FREE. These depart from the Atheneum parking lot every few minutes beginning at 8:30 pm. The last ride will depart at 9:30 pm. Out in the firefly viewing area, Amelia Wildeman, Nature Specialist from Harmonie State Park, will join us to share her knowledge about fireflies.

[Why so late? Because the fireflies don't emerge until it starts to get dark. And by 10, they are mated up and the blinking stops!]
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