There are hundreds of hotels located throughout the Hoosier state, but one vacation locale takes the cake when it comes to the most expensive room rates.

When I was a kid on vacation with my family, I always looked forward to staying in hotels. My favorite part of our stay was usually cable TV, as we didn't have that option at home. I also liked the continental breakfast and swimming pool, whether indoors or outdoors. However, as I have gotten older, I've become less and less excited about staying in hotels. Rooms are not only expensive, but they're also rarely as clean as I would like them to be. Plus, at the end of a long day, I just want to sleep in my own bed.

I recently purchased my tickets for the 2024 Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and decided to get a hotel for the weekend. Fortunately, I was able to find a decent room within my budget, but while searching, I ran across some pretty hefty nightly rates. This search led me to discover the most costly hotel in the Hoosier state, which is none other than Hotel Carmichael, located at 1 Carmichael Sq. in Carmel, Indiana.

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While the Standard King and Executive Rooms in this hotel are on par with other luxury hotels, it is the Presidential Suite that sets this place apart. According to Marriott, the Hotel Carmichael Presidential Suite checks in at a nightly rate of $1,168, making this the most costly hotel room in the state. The suite features 972 square feet with a master king bedroom, a spa-inspired bath with soaking tub, and a separate living room. It also includes all the in-room luxuries that come standard with the other aforementioned options.

As I don't have any upcoming business in Carmel, Indiana, I likely won't be staying at this hotel anytime soon. However, after looking through the pictures and reading the reviews, I'm certainly more intrigued. It does look like a great place to spend a weekend away with your significant other, and the drive is not terrible. That said, it is expensive, so be sure to soak up every cent of those luxurious amenities if you plan to make the trip.

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