A few weeks back, my sister-in-law forwarded me a Facebook post about a local short film casting call. The role they sought was eerily tailored to fit me: a woman in her 40s, over 5'7" and comfortable around horses.

I gathered my audition materials and reached out to the director. Unfortunately, the part had already been filled. However, he graciously offered me another role.

During our conversation, he mentioned wrapping up another short film, set to screen in the Newburgh area. The lead, a young actress named Arianna Pettitt, was the star of the film I had auditioned for.

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JB Productions
JB Productions

Child of the Crimson Sky Short Film

Producer John Wayne Bosley was so thoroughly impressed by Petititt's acting ability that he plans to seek funding for a full-length feature film shot in Southern Indiana.

“Arianna is the perfect casting for Child of the Crimson Skye’s young character, Lydia,” Bosley stated. “While directing, I presented her with different challenges which most actors, young or old, would have difficulties overcoming. Each time she surprised me with her ability to adapt and perform at level most actors don’t achieve without years of experience.”

Titled "Child of the Crimson Skye," the short film blends sci-fi with action/adventure. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Pettitt plays an orphan who is navigating treacherous terrain in search of a haven. Bosley hopes that the film will inspire movie-goers to seek hope in challenging times.

Reserve Your Tickets to Watch the Short Film

Its exclusive premiere is set for May 31, 2024, hosted at the New Hope Community Church. Attendance is free, but tickets must be reserved by May 27, 2024.
To learn more, or reserve tickets visit: jbmovies.com/films/childofthecrimsonskye.

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