Another day, another scam, right? This one, however, seems pretty elaborate, all things considered.

According to an Associated Press report in the Seattle Times, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear got a letter from someone in Louisville who had received a letter from the AG's office.

At least, that's EXACTLY what it looked like.

It had an official-looking seal, Beshear's picture, and a signature on it and it was asking the recipient to make a tax payment on a prize the resident had supposedly won.

Big red flag, right? I mean, you'd KNOW if you won something.

Thus, the phone call.

It seems the letter mentioned something called the "money monetary law" which would apply to Kentuckians who won a prize valued at or greater than half a million dollars.

There is no such law. (And "money monetary" is redundant, but that's probably beside the point.)

If you get something suspicious like this, please call the Kentucky attorney general's office at 502-696-5300.

And if you need to file a consumer complaint of any kind, go to

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