Yes!  For the first time since 1998, the Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the Final Four and are two games away from bringing home the big prize, the 2011 National Championship!  But the Cats aren't the only Kentuckians making a run for glory!  The dynamic father-daughter duo, Gary and Mallory Ervin, are currently leading The Amazing Race!

In last night's episode, Mallory struggled through a Roadblock, in which racers had to find a specific bowl of tea among hundreds and hundreds of bowls.  I can't stand to drink tea anyway.  But watching Mallory and the other racers struggle to drink bowl after bowl, I thought I was going to power hurl!  In fact, Mallory wasn't the first racer out of the blocks!  She was chugging tea like crazy, but left the challenge in the middle of the pack.

But, when she finally delivered the correct empty bowl, Mallory and Gary raced on, clue in hand, and made up valuable time!  After making their way through the congested, noisy and daunting streets of India, the father-daughter duo found the pit stop and checked-in!  Miraculously, they were "the first team to arrive!"

Making their victory in last night's leg even sweeter . . . they won a couple of bottles of Snapple (yeah, I laughed too!) and a million rupees!  Now, you're asking, "Ummm, Chad!!!  What's the exchange rate for a rupee?"  Well, it's pretty darn good!  The Ervins, from Union County, Kentucky, won a hefty $20,000!  And, more importantly, they declared themselves a formidable force in the all-star edition of The Amazing Race!

So, now, as we roll out of March Madness into April, Kentuckians are showing out on national television.  The UK Wildcats are headed to Houston for the Final Four and have a strong looking shot at the national title.  That said, we have no clue where Gary and Mallory Ervin are headed next.  That's because we have no clue where The Amazing Race will send them next.  But one thing is for sure . . . they have the finish line in sight!

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