Thursday night television hasn't been this relevant since NBC's white hot line-up ruled the ratings a decade ago. And while many were watching the big shocker on American Idol, I was watching the big shocker unfolding in an Anaheim arena.

When American Idol gets to the part where we start to vote for the contestants, that's when I start watching. And this year, there is a serious upgrade in talent. I like to watch them perform on Wednesday but am never very interested in the results show--it always seems kind of hokey. I just read who got voted out the next day. Well last night's big surprise--which, by all accounts, looked staged--was topped by an even bigger one (in my opinion) when the Duke Blue Devils--I write while grinning from ear to ear--were not only eliminated from the NCAA Tournament but thoroughly blown out. It's all gravy now, my friends. And the Arizona Wildcats are my new American Idol(s).