Three years ago, the Owensboro Board of Education purchased the old Boardwalk/Texas Gas building on South Frederica.

Ideas for the building's usage that were tossed around ultimately remained in the conceptual phase.

Now, Owensboro Living reports that the Owensboro Public School District is in the process of opening the floor, as it were, to qualified educational institution representatives, community non-profits, community development agencies, or residential development groups in the hopes that a proposal for the venerable old local icon will come to the table.

Any interested parties wanting to submit such a proposal should attend a December 9th meeting at the Owensboro Board of Education at 450 Griffith Avenue.

The meeting will begin at 9AM.

The deadline for submission of final proposals will be 4PM on January 27th, 2017 with the acceptance of the final proposal expected to happen on February 15th.

My fingers are crossed because I love this old building. And it still looks great.

I'm sure there are upgrades that will be necessary and, of course, there are windows overlooking the courtyard that have been damaged by vandalism.

I'd hate to see this local landmark disappear.