The WBKR/Window World St. Jude Radiothon had a very special guest on Thursday and Friday.  Santa Claus showed up and volunteered his time, tirelessly, to help raise money, answer phones, collect money on the street and spread the St. Jude message!

A few years ago, Santa Claus accompanied us to St. Jude for a tour of the hospital and the Target House, an extended stay facility for families whose children will be at St. Jude for long stretches of time for treatment.  While Santa was moved by the experience, the kids at the hospital were equally moved by him.

He was an immediate hit.  When Santa walked through the main doors of St. Jude, he was ready to experience the awe, wonder and miracles of the hospital.  He certainly accomplished that.  But this happened too.  St. Jude got to experience the awe and wonder and magic of Santa!

Patients instantly started pointing and saying, "Santa!"  Some rushed to him to give him hugs,  Others wanted photos.  One young boy, who walked into the Target House as we were standing in the main foyer, screamed "Papa Noel!" and ran, full speed, to Santa and actually slid across the floor to get to him.  It was a moment I will never forget.

Santa hasn't forgotten that experience either.  And, every year, Santa suits up and drives his sleigh to Owensboro to be a part of our annual St. Jude Radiothon.


In Santa's own words . . .

As you can see, Santa holds a special place in his heart for the children of St. Jude.  And, here at WBKR, we hold a special place in our hearts for Santa.

Yes, Virginia!  There really is a Santa Claus.  And we're lucky, incredibly lucky, to know to him.

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