Angel Welsh

"Hello Heaven" This Is Angel Can I Talk To My Momma Please?
Angel here and today marks 12 whole long and grueling years that my momma left this earth to go to her heavenly resting place.  I remember growing up I couldn't wait to be an adult so I could do things on my own.  Turns out the jokes on me and most days I wish there was a direct line …
Have You Ever Fed The Masses Of Fish At Diamond Lake?
One of our favorite past times as a family is to make the drive down Highway 56 out to Diamond Lake Resort and Campground and feed the fish.
Angel here and I have been taking my older boys to do this for years and they still enjoy it as much as they did when they were little...
Lessons Before 40: When Life Hands You Lemons Throw Them Back
When we are brought into this world we don't get to choose who raises us, where we will live, or even the school we might go to. Those circumstances can affect our entire lives if we allow them too. Often we come to a crossroads in life where we have to decide how we handle what is coming at …
Why I'm Thankful For All The Years I Didn't Have
Angel here. First, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and our family is praying you and yours have an amazing day. This morning I woke up early looked around my room as I lay there in complete silence and I began thanking God for the walls in my house.

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