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Angel Celebrates National DJ Day With Videos
Angel here. Today is National Disc Jockey Day and I am celebrating. I have been with WBKR for 3 and a half years now and the crap Chad, Barb, Brently and the rest of the crew have gotten me into made this job even more fun! So, I'm sharing some of my favorite moments.
Barb's Childhood Doll
When I was little we didn't have much money, but my Mom always made sure Christmas was special and we had a gift that we really wanted under the tree. Mine was a very special doll that had hair that grows!
Santa Presents Wrapped?
It's always been puzzling to me that Santa doesn't wrap presents at every house. Are the Elves being lazy? Did Santa simply run out of time? Was there not enough wrapping paper available at the North Pole? Are presents wrapped or unwrapped from Santa at your house on Christmas morning?
Cheers for Barb Birgy [Video]
More exciting news here at WBKR!  Yesterday, we introduced you to Angel Welsh, my new morning show partner.  Today, we are pleased to announce that Barb Birgy is officially taking over the WBKR Midday Show!  And, the gals at the office were so excited they decided to come up with a ch…

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