Chamber Danger

Blair Witch Project Spoof [Video]
This month, for my Chamber Danger video for the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Rooster Booster Breakfast, I decided to give everyone a little sneak preview of Halloween.  And my buddy P.J. Starks and I took the Chamber crew to the giant corn maze at Trunnell's Farm Market to film a parody of The Blair Witch Project!
Can I Pour Water on Your Head? [Video]
This month, for my Chamber Danger video series for the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, I took buckets of water and coolers of ice to Smothers Park downtown.  And I followed strangers around challenging them to let me dump freezing cold water on their heads.  You'll be surprised how many said "Yes!"  LOL!.  Watch this.
Chad Hijacks the Trolley [Video]
Remember the recent "I Am So Owensboro" trend?  Well, I was in Florida when that fad hit Facebook and I missed out on all the fun.  So, for my latest edition of Chamber Danger, my Rooster Booster video series, I decided to make up for lost time.  And now, I proudly present "I Am So Owensboro I'm Riding the Downtown Owensboro Trolley to See How So Owensboro the Rest of Owensboro Is.&
June's Chamber Danger [Video]
Each month at Rooster Booster, the monthly Owensboro-Daviess County Chamber of Commerce breakfast, I unveil a brand new Chamber Danger video.  In this month's installment, we took two teams of five to Ozone Laser Tag on Triplett Street in Owensboro to film a video about team building.  Well, okay, EXTREME team building.  This is pretty funny and Jaclyn and I were ready for war!  WATCH!