Just Waiting On Baby
David and Odessa Cole of Philpot are expecting their first child, a baby girl in February. Last week they posted a hilarious video of them dancing to pass the time waiting for her to arrive!
Pia Toscano “Dances”
Here you go . . . in case you missed it (and chances are you did!)  Last night, most of us in the tri-state were watching the sky instead of the television.  In fact, about twenty minutes into the Dancing With The Stars results show, Wayne Hart took over with breaking news about another tornado threat in Hopkins, Muhlenberg and Ohio counties.  Meanwhile, DWTS carried on and American Idol castoff P
Handicapping the Dancing Stars!
Season 12 of Dancing With The Stars debuts tonight and the pressing question is "Will anyone watch?"  The producers of Dancing have taken a lot of heat for this season's cast.  In fact, many faithful fans have suggested that there really aren't "stars" in this year's batch of hopefuls!  All that said, I'm still going to watch (because it's a potential TRAIN WRECK) and your resi