Delta Airlines

Delta Boots Family Off Flight After Overbooking
Over the past few weeks, we've all seen that the skies we fly aren't so friendly anymore. Well, this time Delta booted an entire family off a flight to LA, due to overbooking. Brian Schear, and his family, were traveling home from Chicago, and were asked to leave the plane, after refusing …
New Delta App Allows Passengers to Track Luggage [Video]
Well, thank goodness and let me say that it is about time!  A few years ago, I flew into New York City to visit my friend Beth.  Among the items on the agenda, Broadway plays, Bingo with drag queens and an Academy Awards party at Joe's Pub.  I had lots of luggage with outfits for each event.  Well, …
Funny Airline Safety Video
This is awesome!  If you haven't seen it, you have to check out Virgin America's new in-flight safety video.  The company understands that airline passengers tend to yawn through the pre-flight safety speeches, so they have done something about it.  WATCH!