gabe's tower

Okay, so Halloween is almost here and a couple of weeks ago I put out a feeler for ideas for Owensboro-inspired costumes. I love these and one is so out of the box, it's brilliant.
I drove out to the old Gabe's Shopping Center (I'm actually not sure WHAT it's called now) to see if the LED sign on the tower had changed.
Gabe's Tower in NYC?
When I was in New York City over the weekend, I stayed at the Millennium Broadway Hotel.  One evening, I turned on the television in our room and was quite surprised to see this photo on the home screen!
Click bait can either be good or really, really bad. I got my leg pulled pretty good over the weekend when I read this story.
Gabe's Will Re-Open
At last - Gabe's Tower will re-open! The former Owensboro show place at 19th and Triplett has been closed for years. In this morning's Messenger-Inquirer, Bruce Jones of Professional Hospitality services held a news conference yesterday and announced their plans. It ...
You Can Help Save Gabe’s Tower
It truly is an Owensboro landmark.  But Gabe's Tower has been vacant for years and what to do with it has been the center of many heated debates.  And, oddly enough, the hotel was most recently offered for sale on Ebay.  Yet, there it sits.   A vacant, towering reminder of what Gabe's used to be to …
Owensboro Hotel Ends Up on Ebay. Any Takers?
Wendesday night, my friend Bj Emmick posted this on Facebook, "Go to Ebay and type in Owensboro Hotels and Motels."  I replied, "Not sure where this is heading, but I can't wait."  And, well, I should have known.  Yep!  The Tower Inn, formerly the impressive landmark Gabe's Tower…

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