Hollie Cavanagh

WBKR Reviews Idol’s Final Four Showdown [Video]
Last night on American Idol, our final four contestants hit the stage trying to earn a spot in the Top Three and those coveted trips home with Idol crew in pursuit.  Who took the stage and owned the night?  Who fell short and possibly faces elimination tonight on the results show?  WBKR's Idol expert Steve Thompson shares his thoughts and ranks the performers.  Take a look!
IDOL: Chad’s Top 5 Predicitions [Video]
I guess you can tell by the photo who I am pulling for.  Yes!  As the 11th season of American Idol winds down, I am most definitely Team Josh.  For me, Joshua Ledet has been the most consistent performer on the show.  He has gotten the most standing ovations from the judges.  He's given Jennifer Lopez more "goosies" than Marc Anthony ever did (LOL!).  And you just know that when he gets