Jaclyn Graves

Today, I Went Back to 1999
Isn't funny how a song, a movie or a picture can take you back. And, I mean really back...even years. Well, today, flipping through the channels, I had one of those moments... Varsity Blues was on and there I was, fall of 1999... Friday afternoon pep-rally in my cheerleading uniform.
On The Road Tuesday To J & M Fireworks!!
Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm out and about on Tuesday!! I'll be broadcasting my midday show LIVE  from J&M Fireworks in Reo. Come check out the awesome fireworks...I personally can't wait until the 4th!!! J&M...home of the buy one get one FREE!! L-O…
WKRBC “Pump Up The Volume”
I took my Midday Show on the road Tuesday to the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center. It's the summer kick-off blood drive, Pump Up The Volume. And, y'all know me....I just had to get involved! So, of course, I donated blood while I was there...LIVE on the air!!
This Week On The MidDay Show
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a very Happy Father's Day!! Just wanted to give y'all a heads up on this week. Play the MidDay Mash-Up with me and you could win 5 FREE Visits to Sun Tan City . . . plus, get qualified to win a 3-night "Summer Getaway" to Gaylord…
My CMA Music Fest Sunday!
On Sunday, my friend Chelsea and I made the short drive to Nashville for the last day of the CMA Music Fest. (Thanks Todd for the tickets!!) I don't know what we were more excited about....seeing Miranda Lambert or having a girls day out!!
What is this growing in my yard?!?!
I come to you, asking for help with my yard...again!! Y'all were so helpful about getting rid of that stinky, pesky vine! (thank you!) Now... it looks like a root beer float is growing by my roses!!!
Jaclyn’s Got Her “Bowl” Goggles On!
In case you haven't figured this out . . . Jaclyn is, for all practical purposes, a dumb blonde.  Of course, she's naturally a brunette, so I suppose it's fair to say she's a dumb brunette who aspires to be a dumb blonde.  Tuesday morning, she went to the restroom at The Grand Ole Opry and was "…

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