Jimmy Parrott

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Angel here! Our good buddy Jimmy Parrott started feeling bad last Monday and ended up here at Owensboro Health. He is now recovering from surgery so I went to visit him-->
The Wonder Woman Spin [Video]
This was definitely a highlight of Jimmy Parrott's birthday party this week.  He taught Angel how to do the official Wonder Woman spin.  There was just one curveball.  Jimmy didn't realize just how clumsy our little Wonder Woman really is.  And she plowed right into the…
When Jimmy Arrested Chad [Video]
When I chatted with Jimmy Parrott this morning on The CB Radio Show, we were reminiscing about the time he "arrested" me at the Hawesville Christmas Parade and nearly broke my arm into.  Have you seen this video?  It's hilarious (and painful)!
Jimmy Joins Facebook
I am so excited!  Over the weekend, I was combing through Facebook when I stumbled across the "people you may know" section and saw Jimmy Parrott's face.  Yes!  One of our favorite regulars of The CB Radio Show has finally become a social media butterfly!
Who Is Jimmy Parrott
WBKR Waking Crew member Jimmy Parrott has many personalities. Now, Jimmy has been Lt. Uhura, Charlie's Angels (all three or more) among others, as he calls into the show daily. Last week, while I was on vacation he took on the personality of Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. This morning I asked him if …