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John Calipari on New NCAA Rule
The NCAA has established a new rule regarding the draft deadline. And it's a good one. They've simply pushed back the date by which basketball players have to take their name out of the draft.
John Calipari/Brooklyn Nets Rumors
Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King? Out. Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins? See ya! And then guess who's name once again has popped up? Wait, you get three guesses and the first two don't count.
John Calipari and the Hoverboard
It was one of the hottest gift items this Christmas, it seems. I saw pictures of them all over Facebook. But I didn't get one. Nor would I ask for a hoverboard. I can't imagine getting on one of those things.
John Calipari Comes to Rick Pitino's Defense
In the wake of a scandalous publication in which author Katina Powell details her provision of professional escorts to Louisville Cardinal basketball recruits, Cards coach Rick Pitino has what some would call an unlikely ally.
John Calipari's Top Priority
Earlier this year, I was listening to a talk show on which UK head coach John Calipari was the guest. What he said about the goal he spelled out for the 'Cats at the beginning of last season seemed to be something that Big Blue Nation could take the wrong way. Maybe.

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