Life Hacks

How to Cut Cake with Dental Floss
We had a big meeting in Evansville earlier today and during that meeting, Chad brought in a big birthday cake, which was super cool, and I greatly appreciate it and them. But cutting the cake? That little plastic knife was going to take forever.
Those coat hangers you get when you buy clothing can be annoying. In fact, most don't even hang onto pun intended. But, wait, they have a space-saving use that might not have occurred to you.
The Most Simple Life Hack Ever At Least For Now [VIDEO]
Just what is a "life hack"? It's when you use a normal everyday item, like the audio cassette case here. I'm sure if you are an uber music fan like myself, you still have a bunch of cassettes laying around or they are stored away to be magically discovered one day by a pe…