Little Big Town

Genre-Crossing Duets At Cma's
I'm typically not into artists from other genres performing at country awards shows, but I'm totally ok with this. At the upcoming CMA Awards,  Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town will be joined onstage by two of my favorite pop singers.
LBT's "Day Drinking" Video
Little Big Town seems to have the summer-song down pat! First is was Pontoon and now we have Day Drinking. You know what? I like it, I like it a lot! And you know me, I looove a good video!
Well, LBT has done it! They debuted exclusively on People Country a perfect video for the perfect summer-song!
Little Big Town's CMA News!
The CMA Music Festival is coming up next week in Nashville and you know what that means?  Camera crews from ABC will again be on hand filming segment's for Country's Night to Rock, which is set to air Tuesday, August 5th.  And Little Big Town has confirmed that they will again ho…
"Your side Of The Bed" [video]
I've been raving about this song ever since the first time I heard it! Little Big Town's latest single, "Your Side Of The Bed" is such a gorgeous song and honestly, probably hits home for a lot of couples.
I just knew that the video would be great and it is! I think most of y'all know this,…
CMT Music Awards
Fans everywhere are looking forward to the 2013 CMT Music Awards, which are coming up in June. The first country music awards show to let fans vote for their favorites, the yearly event also features live performances by some of country's biggest artists -- and this year is no exception.
Little Big Town at Victory
They just won a Grammy for Best Country Performance Duo/Group.  Thank you, "Pontoon."  And, now, Little Big Town is bringing their golden harmonies to The Victory Theatre in Evansville.  As someone who has seen them in concert multiple times, I can tell you . . . the…
Chad's Top 10 Songs of 2012
Last Friday, we held our 2nd annual Big BKR Smackdown and let you guys pick YOUR favorite songs of 2012.  We took thousands of votes over the course of 12 hours until we finally narrowed the Top 92 songs of the year down to the #1 song of the 2012.  Check out your Top Ten by CLICKING HERE!  As the y…
DAVE'S BEST OF '12: #8
I have every reason in the world to be completely tired of this song. We played it a lot. And, as far as the music charts are concerned, it's probably the biggest hit of the year. But, you know what? I still turn it up really, really loud when I hear it.
Carrie Sings LBT's
Carrie Underwood has had her share of big #1 hits.  But it's always fun to hear her sing someone else's.  And this is really fun.  Earlier this fall, at the CMA Songwriter Series, Carrie Underwood belted out a little of Little Big Town's huge summer blockbuster, &qu…

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