Snack Wraps Are Back at McDonalds©
Praise be, and I'm not just writing that because The Handmaid's Tale won eight Emmy Awards the other night. It's a great day in Kentucky, well in America, because McDonalds© has brought back my favorite menu item of the past ten years, the Snack Wrap.
McDonald's Switching to Fresh Beef
The world's most popular fast food restaurant is making a huge change. McDonald's is doing away with frozen patties and they are going to make fresh beef hamburgers in the near future.
McDonald's Makes Big Changes To the Big Mac
It's official! After a successful test run in Dallas and Ohio earlier in the year McDonald's plans to roll out changes to the iconic Big Mac in 2017. New ways for Big Mac lovers to enjoy this popular burger staple!
Who Remembers the McPizza from McDonald's? [Video]
Do you remember the McPizza?  Chances are you do if you live in the tristate area.  It was 1989 that McDonald's launched and tested the product right here in the WBKR listening area.  McDonald's locations in Owensboro, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana were serving up 14-inch…

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