US Figure Skating Championships Returning to Nashville in 2022
All this cold weather has got me thinking about winter and the Winter Olympics. Here's some cool news. Nashville will be hosting the 2022 US Figure Skating Championships at Bridgestone Arena. In fact, the first sporting event hosted at the then-new arena 25 years ago was the very same event.
A Whataburger is Being Considered in Tennessee
Do you ever see pictures of your friends at a Whataburger and think, "why can't this beacon of burger goodness be closer?" The nearest one to Owensboro is a little over five hours away in Birmingham, Alabama. However, a closer location is being considered.
Nashville Exotic Pet Expo Coming Up in October
Have you had or do you now have an exotic pet? I didn't know guinea pigs and hedgehogs were considered exotic; I was thinking more along the lines of lizards, monkeys, maybe a raccoon thrown in. An event is coming up in Nashville that has all of these critters and more.

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