Cousins Surprises Fans With New Car
Special thx to @chasechevrolet for helping me surprise this deserving family with a new car #DoGood
A photo posted by DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) on Dec 16, 2015 at 8:57pm PST
Professional sports is so much more than just what happens on the playing field. Former Kentucky Wildcat DeMarcus Cousi…
Top 10 NBA Dunks of 2013
After yesterday's UK/UL game it seems like basketball is on everyone's mind.  Well, if you're a hoops fan, you have to check this out.  It's video of the Top 10 NBA Dunks of 2013 and they are RIDICULOUS!!
NBA Veteran "Comes Out"
Jason Collins has played in the NBA for 12 years for six different organizations. He has appeared in two NBA finals. He graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Westlake High School. For a man who has been mostly associated with his basketball abilities, today, he is making headlines for other…
Anthony Davis Gets Carded In Owensboro
Anthony Davis is preparing to enter a new phase of his career in the NBA. And we all know big-name pro athletes like to go anywhere at anytime, but sometimes even the Player of the Year has to eat some humble pie.
Shaq Will Be ‘Hacked’ No More
One of the great sports careers has come to an end. Yesterday, after 19 mostly incredible years and 4 NBA Championships, Shaquille O'Neal announced his retirement from professional basketball. His final season--with the Boston Celtics--was hampered by injuries and you really could see the end w…
UK Locker Room Visit Under Fire
Following their Final Four-clinching win over North Carolina last Sunday afternoon, the Kentucky Wildcats were surprised to find a very special visitor waiting in the locker room.