Pepsi Releasing New Drink To Aid In Sleep & Stress
It is no secret the COVID pandemic has many people to the end of their rope.  So many adults are feeling anxious and losing more sleep than ever before.  The PepsiCo. Company may have a solution. Pepsi and dentists are noticing a high rise in sleepless nights and ruined teeth...
Drinks That Make You Go MMMMMM! [VIDEO]
Sitting here in my office drinking a delicious can of  chocolate goodness Yoohoo, It makes me feel great 99% fat free & caffeine free! But don't get me wrong I do love my caffeine to like Dr. Pepper, got to have my bottled water to and my tomato juice occasionally. And every once in a while I like a good ole Budweiser. So what is your beverage of choice? Let us hear about it at WBKR's Facebook