Sara Evans Covers P!nk [Video]
I am not going to lie.  When I heard that Sara Evans was taking on P!nk's power ballad "Just Give Me a Reason" on her concert tour, I was very skeptical.  I love me some P!nk and I actually got to see her perform it live at Bridgestone Arena and it was, as expected, AMAZING!  P!nk is the b…
P!nk Slams Angry Fans
I have been there and it really sucks.  It is very disappointing when you find out that the concert you bought tickets for and that have been looking forward to has been canceled.  But it happens . . . for a variety of reasons and, sometimes, just cannot be helped.
Chad Sees P!nk in Nashville [Video]
Saturday morning I was sitting at the computer and, on a whim, decided to see if I could find some last minute tickets for the P!nk concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.  As fate (and luck) would have it, I logged onto Ticketmaster just as the arena released a handful of last-minute seats.  Tho…