Ron Rhodes

Snow on Saturday?
We had an amazing weekend here in the tristate.  It was unseasonably warm and dry.  However, Eyewitness News Meteorologist Ron Rhodes says we won't be as lucky next weekend.  In fact, today on the WBKR morning show, he even hinted at the possibility of snow on Saturday.
Snow and Highs in the 30's
I am not ready for this!  But, this morning on here on WBKR, Eyewitness News meteorologist Ron Rhodes said we could see snow early next week.  And we're going to see highs in the 30's.  UGH!
Meet Susan: Ron Rhodes' Biggest Fan
Over the weekend, I had the honor and privilege on emceeing the opening ceremony at the annual March for Babies (for the March of Dimes).  Shortly before taking the stage, I was approached by Susan Mayhugh, who informed me that she listens to Angel and me every morning.  But, then, Susan made a true confession.  She doesn't really listen to hear me and my cohost (though she does admit that I am fu
Beware of Deer Crossing
Rising river and creek water in the Tri-State is causing wildlife especially deer to have to move to higher ground and become more active. Drivers need to be extra cautious-->
Ron Rhodes Predicts a White Christmas
Our chances of a white Christmas are getting better and better.  This morning, Ron Rhodes from Eyewitness News said the models are showing all the right conditions for a snowy Christmas Eve!  And the latest forecast from the National Weather Service agrees.
This Potato Looks Like a Butt
Have you all ever seen the segment on Ron Rhodes Weather where he highlights the "Funky Fruit" of the day!  Well, a local Owensboro woman grew a sweet potato I think is totally worthy if the spotlight!

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