Sam Hunt

New Music From Sam Hunt!
Whether you're in the "he's not country" argument or not, you have to admit that Sam Hunt is extremely impressive. He is his own genre of music and I'm just glad that he's landed in country radio. He has his own style of storytelling that has for sure made me a fan. Ok, it doesn't hurt tha…
Sam Hunt Shares Childhood Pic
I think we can all agree that country new-comer Sam Hunt is just the bees knees. He really is as sweet as he is attractive and talented. Turns out, Sam has always been adorable! Take a look at this picture of a young Sam Hunt.
Sm Hunt Takes Stand In Video
Sam Hunt could have taken the easy and expected road in his video for "Take Your Time". A dive bar, a group of girls, a group of guys, one girl catches his eye... I think you can put this idea on auto-pilot and finish it up. But, he didn't.
Sam took a stand again domestic viole…
Songwriter Upset With Keith?
I've heard of Sam Hunt thru social media and he was featured in one of Dave Spencer's 'Clash In The Country'. I liked his sound, he is entertaining on Twitter and I'll be honest... he's easy on the eyes. (Oh, like you didn't see that coming, ha!)
Monday afternoon thou, he tweeted something that reaaa…