Sesame Street

There isn't a meal that goes by when we are at home when my niece Zoey doesn't have YouTube pulled up on either a phone or a tablet. It's the norm for kids and adults today. Your pals on Sesame Street decided to show what a device-free dinner looks like. Well, almost all of them.
Meet Julia
This fast paced world is growing and changing by the minute.  With these changes comes adaptation to everything from daily living to television.  Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly tweeted that Sesame Street had just announced plans to introduce "Julia" a muppet with autism.
Watch & Vote For Mrs. Ring!
Sesame Street Live! "Let's Dance" is coming to the Riverpark Center in Owensboro September 6th and 7th and we're giving our listeners a chance to win tickets for an entire classroom! Here's how the contest works... Teachers submit a video of their classroom dancing and singing and YOU vote…
win sesame street live tickets!
"Sunny day, sweepin the clouds away"... everybody sing along! Sesame Street Live: "Let's Dance" is coming to the Riverpark Center in Owensboro September 6th and 7th. Teachers, principals, parents... you could win tickets for your whole classroom to the&n…
See Blake Shelton As A Muppet
No, Blake didn't have a late night and end up somewhere he shouldn't have been, ha! An upcoming episode of Seasame Street spoofs his show, "The Voice" and here's a little sneak peek of the episode which airs September 24th!
What about the resemblance of Blake to …