Roller Coaster Roads
Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to a $5 million dollar expressway that gives the Thunderbird at Holiday World a run for its money!  Reminds me of some of the crazy roads I've traveled with my boys for fun.
The Top 30 Rides in America
HUGE honors for our friends over at Holiday World.  @LocalPOV just published its list of the 30 Best Theme Park Rides in America.  And, guess what?  Holiday World has two of the Top 30 rides.  In fact, one of the park's roller coasters is even inside the Top Ten!
Win Holiday World Tickets
It's hard to believe, but it's almost time for the grand opening of the 2016 season at Holiday World!  In fact, the park officially opens on Saturday, April 23rd and we're celebrating with you chance to win tickets here at WBKR.  And winning them is very simple!  Here&a…
Win Holiday World Tickets
Who's ready to ride Thunderbird, the nation's first launched winged roller coaster?  Show of hands!  Come on.  Let me see 'em.  Okay, second question.  Who's ready to win some tickets to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari??  Show of hands.  Let me see 'em.  LOL!  That's what I thought.  I know you g…
The Thunderbird Taste Test [Video]
Holiday World and Prairie Farms have joined forces to launch Thunderbird Ice Cream, which is inspired by Holiday World's brand new roller coaster, Thunderbird.  On Tuesday, Heidi Greulich, who lives in Santa Claus, Indiana, surprised me and Brett with a quart.  And we thought it was delicious.  Then…
Wanna Ride Thunderbird [Contest]
On Thursday, April 23rd, I am going to be riding Holiday World's brand new roller coaster, Thunderbird, live on The CB Radio Show!  And I cannot wait.  PUMPED!  And there's also a really cool opportunity for YOU to get the chance to be one of the first people to ride too.  Yep!  We've teamed up with…
Ticket to Ride [Contest]
This is an awesome opportunity.  Holiday World is having a contest (and we're involved) that gives YOU the chance to be one of the first people to ride their brand new winged roller coaster, Thunderbird!
Thunderbird: The Test Drive [Video]
One winged roller coaster.  Twenty water-filled test dummies.  Success!!  Last Saturday, Holiday World performed its first test launch of Thunderbird, the park's brand new winged roller coaster.  And you know what?  It worked.  Here's the footage!
Dinoconda [Video]
Ya'll know that I am absolutely PUMPED about Holiday World's brand new winged roller coaster, Thunderbird!  It's set to open the final weekend of April and I, personally, cannot wait.  That's why I have been on YouTube watching videos of other winged coasters from around the world.  And that's where…
Ride HW's Thunderbird [Video]
You've heard the expression "Go big or go home?"  Well, guess what?  Holiday World is going BIG!  Last night, the park unveiled plans to build its first ever steel roller coaster, Thunderbird!  And Thunderbird will be the nation's first launched winged coaster. It's going to go from zero t…