Travis Tritt

The Big O Schedule
The Big O Music Fest is just over a week away and we have the tentative schedule right here at!  See when your favorite artist is taking the stage!
Jac Talks With Travis Tritt!
This past weekend, I had a blast covering the Kentucky Derby! I got to sample drinks, wear big hats and bet on some ponies! I also got to chat with some celebrities, including one of my favorite country artist... Travis Tritt!
Now, we were at the Fillies and Stallions party and it was very, very late…
Travis Tritt's New Single
Travis Tritt once again has his aim set on the country music charts and, this time, he is bringing his daughter along for the ride.  The country music superstar is set to release a brand new single called "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough."  And he performs it with T…