"Hello Heaven" This Is Angel Can I Talk To My Momma Please?
Angel here and today marks 12 whole long and grueling years that my momma left this earth to go to her heavenly resting place.  I remember growing up I couldn't wait to be an adult so I could do things on my own.  Turns out the jokes on me and most days I wish there was a direct line to heaven so I could hear her voice and ask her advice...
Chad & Angel Celebrate National Super Hero Day
Angel here and when I first started with the radio station CASA of Ohio Valley asked us to dress up as Super Heroes and film a promotional video to announce their Super Hero 5K Run. We weren't quite the Super Heroes they hoped for. You have to see the outtakes.
Chad & Angel Celebrate National Prom Day
Angel here and today is National Prom Day. According to the National Day Calendar the day "honors friendship, cherished memories and celebrates the history, joy, and excitement this milestone event brings. Chad and I are sharing our throwback prom pics.
Self-Quarantine Has Taken A Toll On Chad (VIDEO)
Angel here and most of you know by now if you have tuned into the Morning Show this week that Chad has self-quarantined. Last night Kevin posted a sweet little video of Chad taking a nappy after a long, hard day at work. I thought why not share LOL.
Family Is NOT Something You're Born Into
Angel here and I have shared with you all some of my most personal stories in life. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years is family is not always the group of people you are born into but those who have come alongside you in your journey and never left.

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